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What To Expect

First Appointment: Consultation

All prospective patients are first seen to assess the level of malalignment, bite, and any other concerns.

You will be asked to fill out a medical history form. To save time when you arrive please feel free to print and fill out the form below.

Second Appointment: Records

Information is gathered for review to properly ensure a treatment plan that will be beneficial to the patient. Digital photos, digital x-rays, impressions, and/or scans are taken at this appointment.

Third Appointment: Diagnosis

Prospective patients receive a one-on-one in-office tutorial with Dr. Mansour on suggested treatment, plan options, implications of the suggested treatment, and also the financial arrangements for the treatment duration.

Patient Forms


Once the informed decision has been made the patient is ready to begin treatment. Coordinating appointments are scheduled now. Only our regular adjustments and retainer checks are reviewed at our satellite offices.

Treatment fees are individually processed and are quoted at the diagnostic appointment.

Insurance & Financing


Each individual insurance plan is complex and has specific criteria. We will help by providing you with a complete pre-determination form for you to send to the insurance company. Once treatment begins, and payments are received, we will provide a receipt that is to be forwarded to the insurance company, and then you are reimbursed from the insurance company themselves. You are responsible for direct payments to us and it is the insurance companies’ responsibility to reimburse you based on your coverage (determined by the pre-determination). This is the standard practice for orthodontic offices throughout Saskatchewan and Canada. We will do our best to answer any of the insurance questions you may have and to replace any receipts free of charge.


Consultation fees and records fees may be quoted by the receptionist; Please call to book an appointment 306.525.3555. Treatment fees are individually determined and are quoted at the diagnostic appointment

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